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Mila Clover
Artist | Professional | Varied
[ОгнекрылаЯ] -
дизайнер, художник, иллюстратор, фотограф, хэндмэйдер и просто разносторонняя творческая личность =)
*designer, artist, illustrator, photographer, handmayder and a varied creative personality =)
Adobe Photoshop by LumiResources Paint Tool SAI by LumiResources Traditional Tools by LumiResources Digital Camera by LumiResources
Сознание как парашют, работает только в открытом состоянии.(с)
*Consciousness is like a parachute: it works only when it's open.(c)

Please, don't use my artworks without my permission. Respected copyright and work of the artist.
Пожалуйста, будьте человеками: не используйте мои работы где-либо, особенно в коммерческих целях, без согласования со мной. Уважайте авторское право и чужой труд.
Good day my friends! I'm glad to see you all at my gallery. I hope, you enjoy it)))

I really badly know English [google-translate helps me /(-_-)], so excuse me for expression... For this reason, I find it hard to write meaningful comments. A write like "wow" or "cool" does not allow conscience -_-'''' My admiration I can express only adding the artworks to favorites. Sorry...
Thanks to all my Watchers, and who add my artworks to your favorites and leave comments. I am very pleased and I appreciate it *^.^* I was try to answer to comments and letters, how I possible... No offense on the silence.

About the Gifts
For those who have become my Watchers, there are small bonuses) Every 50th Watcher, I give drawing, drawn, especially for him (аfter discussing the idea) ^.^

50th for:iconcloveras: 50W - Thanks for Cloveras by Lucithea 100th for:iconstefbani: 100W - Thanks for StefBani by Lucithea 150th for:iconturbulence1973: 150W - Thanks for Turbulence1973 by Lucithea
for:iconrikeza: 200W - Thanks for Rikeza by Lucithea 250th for:iconlaurennightshade: 250W - Thanks for LaurennigNtshade by Lucithea

Sometimes, I can draw a character of another author, if he liked me, without asking his permission. I always read the description - if the author has established a ban on the fact that others have drawn his character, it will not happen. But if the ban does not exist... Forgive me for it T__T''''' I will try to correct it ^^'''' But this happens spontaneously. If me to loved the unfamiliar OC or concept, I can not stopped and draw on a wave of inspiration. Sorry.
Dark Kingdom  female Dark by LucitheaDarkKingdom  female dress by Lucitheafor kir-tat; LINEART Pin-up 02-coloring by Lucitheaby MatthewRHumphreys  OC: Guyver Darkphyre by Lucitheafor darkphyre0 ;  Russian Zoalord - Darina Dragunova _restyle by Lucitheafor KaijuDuke ; Guyver: The Conquered -- The One and Fake The One by LucitheaAptom White Gigantic - Warrior and The One by Lucitheafor Jade-TatsuReart - Sailor Star Healer Novoue by Lucitheafor usagi-wrath-elricAo no Exorcist : 2x2 by Lucitheafor fuhai-shii; Line of some fem-OC exwires from AnE part2 by Lucithea by 20 autors.

About my Original Characters
If you like any of my OC, and would like to draw their - I allow! But with one condition: Be sure denote the author (me) and links to my gallery, as well as notify me of your desire. Thank you for your respect and interest! ^o^
Guyver: GuyverAlfa: Zoa-Guyver Miralfa - Transformation by LucitheaRestyle OC: GuyverAlfa - Miraya Sato DataFile by LucitheaGuyver: hybrid lost unit - Aptofel by Lucithea crossover GaibaxSM:OC - Sailor Guyvers by LucitheaSailor Guyvers by Lucithea SailorMoon:SMA: StormStars - ref part1 by LucitheaSM OC: Star Laijer or Biya Tsukikou by LucitheaSM: Old Senshi - redesign by Lucithea OC DK - Lady Melanit by Lucithea Biker Mice from Mars: BMFM- OC Jessica by LucitheaBMFM- OC Jessica -Evolution by LucitheaBMfM- OC -Sisters Bats- by LucitheaAo no Exorcist:Ao no Exorcist : OC - Akatora Himitsu by Lucithea World of Tanks: WoT-13: 12 Light and 1 SAU by Lucithea Furry: EN Talisman WP2 by LucitheaEN Talisman in furry MissEN Hanny by LucitheaEN Talisman in furry MrEN Hakki by Lucithea

About the Commission
At the moment I do not do the commission, but plan to. Watch for information on my gallery)
Comission - island Encounter by Lucithea

About free: Collab, Arttrade and Reguest
It all depends on the availability of my free time and inspiration. I admit such a possibility if me like unfamiliar lineart or sketch, and maybe the author himself and his style of drawing. It is unpredictable! Please don't be offended if I refuse you. Everyone has the right to do this)
Guyver fem - Aptomi and Caerleona by LucitheaAlkanphel sketch colored (collab) by LucitheaGuyver - Sho and Mizuki wedding by LucitheaLo-ice (collab) by LucitheaDreamGAU -in pub (collab) by Lucitheaby Aiuke  Termless Request: Guyver OC - Lara Lovell by Lucitheafor ReikoEmerald  Ao no Exorcist : OC - Azury Nogitsune by Lucitheafor LennyAi SM arttrade - two Anti-senshi by Lucitheafor CrystalSetsuna SM arttrade - Sailor Alcyone by LucitheaBirth the Star - SailorAlcyone_COLOR by Lucitheafor SailorAlcyone SM Gift: Sailor Anti-GammaRei by Lucitheafor Madwon SM arttrade: Anti BV and Ei by Lucitheafor theNekk

See ya ^_-

Если коротко, по-существу: *английский знаю с переводчиком; *каждому 50му вотчеру презентую рисунок; *иногда моя муза больно бъёт меня планшетом по-голове и я спонтанно крашу чужие лайнарты или рисую презенты\реквесты без причин, понравился персонаж или концепт, например, и хоть трава не расти, но зачастую забываю спросить о разрешении - грешна... <_<; *я совсем не против, чтобы моих ОСей кто-то ещё, кроме меня, рисовал(только не опошлял), но главное указывать меня как автора безобразия с ссылочками; *комиссиями планирую заниматься, кому интересно следите за инфой в галерее; *относительно запросов, арттрейда и коллабов - ОЧЕНЬ по-настроению, если муза соизволит, то всё может быть, но я никому-ничего не обещаю, так что без обид. =^-^=
  • Listening to: Christopher Michael Walters [Never say never]
  • Reading: Greyarea: book2 [Protozoalord] Guyver crossover
  • Watching: international show [Tanks in biathlon]
  • Playing: SoulCalibur III
  • Eating: biscuit of roasted nuts
  • Drinking: non-alcoholic Pina Colada


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